Syracuse NY youth hockey association


Onondaga Youth Hockey Association

To help off-set hockey fees, OYHA provides players and their families with a number of annual fundraising opportunities. Details about these fundrainsing events will be shared with you through each team's manager.

Pick 3 Raffle

Goal: to provide each player an opportunity to raise money toward his/her own hockey fee. For each set of 10 tickets sold, $65 will be applied to the player's registration account and $35 will go toward the payout.

How the Pick 3 Raffle Works:
  • OYHA will sell 1,000 tickets numbered from 000 to 999
  • Each family is expected to sell 10 tickets at $10 each
  • Families may sell more tickets and earn more credit toward their registration fee
  • Each ticket is good for the entire month of December
  • Name and contact information must be entered on each ticket stub along with the player's name
  • Checks for tickets payable to Onondaga Youth Hockey Association (OYHA)
  • Money and tickets stubs must be turned in to your team manager by November 1st
  • There will be a winner each day during the month of December (except Christmas Day)
  • On December 15 the winning number holder will be awarded $100.00
  • On December 31 the winning number holder will be awarded $500.00
  • Payouts for winning ticket holders will be mailed weekly throughout December
  • Winning raffle numbers are based on the the evening New York State Pick-3 Numbers Lottery
  • The 3 numbers on the ticket must match EXACTLY (straight order only)

TV Raffle

Goal: to raise money for the OYHA general fund to offset costs associated with running the organization.

How the TV Raffle Works:

Each family is provided 10 tickets to sell. The drawing is held at the end of the season in March. The TV is the first prize, the second prize is generally an electronic device, and the third prize is $100 cash.